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Quality Hand Made Wood Crafts for your Home Decorating Needs.We have wood wall shelves, spice racks, doll furniture,curio shelves and other home decor items in our country woodcrafts line.At Lakeside Wood Crafts our pieces are hand crafted one time.

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Lakeside Wood Crafts

At Lakeside Wood Crafts our Stock and Custom wood pieces are all hand made from Premium Materials in my shop in New York state. I take pride in building a fine product, not just slapping them together on an assembly line. All our pieces are hand cut assembled and finish sanded to 220 grit, one at a time for a superior product. Our joints are cut, glued and nailed . Not butt fitted. My Customers satisfaction is always my primary concern. We maintain the highest of standards by properly disposing of unwanted material with a professional junk removal queens.

Wall Shelves

corner shelves, shadow box, plate shelf, wall shelves, door shelf, counter shelf, sconce shelf

Key & Towel

key rack, towel rack, hand towel rack, paper towel holder, toilette paper holder

Doll Furniture

doll chair, doll cradle, doll rocker, doll bench, park bench

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All of our products are hand cut and assembled one at a time. Our joints are hand assembled, glued, and fastened with brads for a superior strength. Our wood is hand selected, not just bought in bulk so I can favor a more desirable piece. Finally each piece is sanded and checked for finish and fit. It might be a bit more expensive but my pieces will last a long time. And that’s guaranteed by me! We make the very best in quality for wooden letters.

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Wood gets its best seasoning and texture with this excellent service to offer nothing short of brilliant architecture.
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